Artwork by Rachel Johnson

Artwork by Rachel Johnson

"O Minnesota" by Ryan Lee Jones / Produced by Brian Ricke


INTRO - Uke, Drums

VERSE 1 - Uke, Bass, Wurlitzer, Drums, Electric Guitar

I'm working hard

To not work hard

If I play my cards right

I'll end up like you

You taught me to care

About the things that we share

I give you my heart right

After you let me

CHORUS - Keys, Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, BGVs

O Minnesota we gotta pull the plug and forget that we are together na na na na

O Minnesota we gotta pull the plug and forget you like stupid weather na na na na

C'mon now

INTERLUDE - Doubled Uke, Bass

Verse 2 - Uke, Bass, Electric, Piano, Wurlitzer, Drums

I'm thinking about

Actually going

To a place I don't know, Lord

Every morning

Puerto Rico is warmer

And the rent there is nothing

I don't know why

But I think that it's freeing


BRIDGE - Bass, Drums, Muted Uke, Piano

Hang around the town that showed you what you're made for

Stranger things have happened

I live in Minneapolis

OUTRO - Face-Melting-Electric-Guitar-Solo, Layered Electric, Bass, Keys, Drums, Wurlitzer, Piano, Uke



Brian Ricke: Producer, Drums, Percussion, Keys, Mixing, Mastering

Kevin Anderson: Electric Guitar

Aaron Fabbrini: Bass

Connie Ricke: BGVs, Chord Chart Translator

Rachel Johnson: Artwork

Ryan Lee Jones: Co-producer, Vocals, Ukulele, Keys