“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”
— C.S. Lewis

I just finished a song I’ve been working on for 9 months.


I haven’t released any music for a while so I’d like to catch up those of you who are wondering what’s next for me and my music.

Last year, my goal was to release a song a month for an entire year and compile all 12 of them into a single album. Shout out to Bruno Major! I wanted to find my sound and grow as a songwriter holistically.

I got four months in before burning out, but I learned so much along the way. I learned that not every song comes easy and that it takes time to make something beautiful.

Last year I took a year off from school to pursue music, save money, and get my head on straight. Living at home for a year was an enormous blessing. I didn’t have any major bills to pay, so I poured my resources into making the best music I could possibly make.

Things are a lot different now though. I moved out in June of 2018 and have been living with three other dudes. Well, four now. Anyways. It’s been grand. But I haven’t been able spend as much time in the studio, especially now that I’m back in school.

All that to say — this new song “Londonderry Road” means a lot to me and I’m so proud of it! There’s a simple complexity to it that I’m so stoked for you to hear. I want it to make you feel hopeful again.

To me, Londonderry Road is about feeling like you haven’t arrived anywhere yet. Like you’re constantly running in hope of Home. The longing we feel now is evidence of where we’re going later.

I’ve gone through so much transition this year. New job. New school. New apartment. And yet God is leaning in even when everything else feels uncertain.



the light of morning comes

and I have left my home

the summer berries come and they go

on Londonderry Road


they told me I’d be okay

now I got nowhere left to stay

I know I'm skin and bones

but my Father’s got my soul 





I’m almost Home

my blade is in the blood

of tension good enough

the calling and the cure

the artist on the floor





I’m almost Home

a song is in the trees

and I've been on my knees

I've almost caught the wind

my God is leaning in.