The Young Girl and The Pond

Last Friday I got back from work around 4:30. It wasn’t hot so I had the windows down on the commute back. Upon arriving, I spent a few minutes just sitting in my car. 1753 unread emails. 3 Facebook notifications.

The sun rested on top of the trees surrounding the parking lot and that’s when I noticed smoke down by the pond. My neighbor was grilling out with his family.

Our pond is gross. We had blue skies that day, but the water was thick and brown. Trash litters the bank and it stinks too. I think it’s a part of the drainage system.

That’s when a young girl, probably 11, ran past my car. She was headed for the man at the grill, but she stopped suddenly to stare out at the pond. Without hesitating, she pulled out an old iPod and took a picture of what she saw.

The pond and all it’s plastic. She didn’t seem to notice it. She chose to see the beautiful parts — partly because she didn’t know anything else and partly because she didn’t want to forget what it felt like to be where she was.

What if I chose to live like that? What if I chose to see beauty in the mundane moments? To look for the glory of God in the dirt. The boring summer days. The days when the AC isn’t working and you’re eating another peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

One day, God will break open the clouds and we’ll get to be with Him forever, but let’s not forget to appreciate the beauty that God has given us right now. Let’s keep taking pictures.