Top 3 Creative, Christian Musicians Right Now

3. The Brilliance



If Bach and Paul Simon attended the same youth group, they’d sound like The Brilliance.

Of the three artists listed here, they’re definitely the most experienced. David Gungor is pictured on the left and Jon Arndt on the right. They got their start after working closely with David’s brother Michael, the lead singer and guitar player for Gungor.

We’re talking about classically trained geniuses right here. These guys are phenomenal.

2. Benjamin James



Maybe I’m crazy, but I hear Asian influences in this guy’s music. He’s definitely a folk artist to the core, but his orchestral element is littered with Far East feels. Listen to his most popular song “Beggar” and tell me otherwise.

Of the three artists, Benjamin’s music is definitely the most difficult to describe because of how much is going on instrumentally. In “Beggar”, I hear guitar, percussion, vocal harmony, piano, hang drum, and violin. There’s another instrument in there too, but I haven’t figured out what it is yet. Maybe mandolin?

  1. Jordy Searcy



Jordy Searcy is my favorite Christian artist right now. His honesty and willingness to showcase struggle and redemption is just really compelling. The grace of God is so clearly represented in his song “Explaining Jesus”. Give it a spin.

In terms of songwriting, I think he’s the strongest of the three. Instrumentally, he’s not as complex as Benjamin James, but he’s got a knack for catchy melodies that’s just unreal.

For more creative Christian music, check out the spotify playlist below.

What are your favorite Christian artists right now? Did I get this right? Comment below and join the conversation.