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Hello there! I'm Ryan. I'm an American singer/songwriter based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After a few years of experimenting in the studio with my good friend Brian Ricke, I released my first EP "The Dinkytown Tapes" on October 13th of 2017. Here's my story.

I started playing guitar after my younger brother got one for Christmas when I was 12. He never played it, so I pretty much stole it and started learning myself. I'm 21. It's been 9 years of love and faithfulness.

I took guitar lessons for a few months, but just got really frustrated with all the theory I was being taught. I just wanted to learn my favorite songs and make stuff up. So I quit and googled how to play guitar instead.

At 15, I took a songwriting class with a few buddies. We didn't know a lot and honestly, that really hasn't changed. I feel like the more you learn your craft, the more you come to realize just how much you don't know. 

After bombing every Music Theory Exam in that class, I had the opportunity to record one of my songs that I had written that year. I wrote some pretty cheesy ones, but there was one that we all kinda liked. So I chose to record "Simple Song" and put it on iTunes. 

I've never had more fun doing anything else. Being in the studio and recording songs that I truly believe in is something I feel like I've been made to do.

Music has allowed me to say exactly what I need to say. It's encouraged me to talk about things that are hard for me to talk about, dare to hope in things many people are uncomfortable even thinking about. Music has given me a way to express what Love means to me and I've been able to confront topics of doubt and Hope, God and humanity, society and my inner thoughts. 


Thanks for taking an interest in something I'm so passionate about. If you ever want to talk music or anything, fill out the contact form below and shoot me an email. Otherwise, just follow me on Instagram @ryan.lee.jones or friend me on Facebook. There are many Ryan Jones's in the world, so good luck. But for real though. I'd love to hear your story and talk. 

Much love.



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